Our Rights

I know we have a right to bear arms.  I do enjoy shooting very much.  But this morning, I ask myself; Is our right to bear arms more important than a child’s right to go to school and not be gunned down by a one-man firing squad?  The short answer is no.  Just plain no.  No person’s “right” to own a gun is more important than that.  To me, nothing is more important than a child’s safety.  That’s what my heart says and I’m sticking to it.

As for guns and what to do with them, I don’t know yet?  I think I need to calm down before I make a decision on how I’m going to follow up on that.  Rest assured, I am going to follow up.  That conversation isn’t over.

Before I close this out, I am going to appeal to anyone out there who may be considering becoming a “shooter.”  With all due respect, I know how bad it can be.  I too have lived in the dark shadows of depression for most of my life.  Since I was 14 to be exact.  That was the first time I ever felt suicidal and I’ve been feeling that way more often than not ever since.  I am 46 years and 11 months old now and I can tell you that it gets better.  It doesn’t go away, but you can learn how to manage it and you can turn it around and make it work for you.  I would not be here now if that were not true.

However, in order to make that work, you have to tell someone when you are troubled.  That’s where it starts.  People are in the dark themselves in their own way.  They can only know what’s going on with you if you tell them.  And those people in your life that love you, will respond with help if you are straight with them.  There is always someone who will listen and help you if you need it.  Even me.  If you are reading this, chances are, you’re a WordPress user.  PM me and we’ll figure it out.  Just whatever you do, DON’T shoot anyone, including yourself.  You owe yourself and everybody else, better than that.

I shall keep you updated.  Be blessed; be love.