How do you know someone?

Want to know something about Mitt Romney?  Listen to the things his son says.


4 thoughts on “How do you know someone?

    1. It was Tagg Romney’s comment that he wanted to punch President Obama in the face for calling his dad a liar, that I’m referring to this time. Tagg claimed it was a joke. I just find myself a bit taken aback by it and find myself wondering what kind of children Ann and Mitt Romney have raised, and what does that say about Mitt Romney?

      1. He is such a bully! I tell you what, that so does not surprise me. He raised bullies… That’s usually who teaches a kid their ways. for sure. Thanks for sharing. Hey and thanks for stopping by and saying hello to my bloggers. Best Weekend to You!

      2. I understand to a degree a child wishing to protect a parent. I would do most anything for my parents and I know them as good people. I disapprove of his choice of “punching” anyone to accomplish this goal. I would guess if Mr. Romney were my father I would be upset at the president calling my father a liar as well though I would have voiced it more like that. “Today the president of the united states leveled a claim as to my fathers honesty and this saddens me that the most powerful man on the planet would spread such untruths himself.” Maybe something like that. My grandfathers and father fought for their rights which were finally granted in 1968. All three served the military but yet couldn’t vote and not one raised a finger in violence to attain basic civil rights afforded all citizens. Dr. King did the same in 1964 for the african american community. He did it with peace not violence. Perhaps violence is tollerated in the romney house but i respect people too much to resort to such. I will always defend myself but I won’t start it.

        But you are right it does speak to Romneys core. Sad in this day and age really.

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