Studio Concrete (v0.4)

Assetto Corsa

Just a little experiment with reflections. Nothing serious.



  • Reflection fixed


  • Initial release


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AcTools Showroom

Assetto Corsa

Nothing serious, but you can assign this app for kn5 files and get some kind of viewer. It’s not very good, but still. “W” for switching wireframe mode.


If you know how to deal with DirectX and/or C#, I could really use some help, by the way. There are a lot of things need to be done. 🙂


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About Disk Space

For those of us games who are into modding and addons, this could be a real HDD saver. I recommend trying it out.

Assetto Corsa

Have problems with Assetto Corsa folder’s size? You can easily make it two times smaller!

If you wonder why this folder isn't in Steam folder, that's all because of symlinks. I like to keep all my games in only one place.

Just enable NTFS compression for content folder! It takes some time to compress all files, but after all it can even decrease loading time! Well, CPU will have to do some extra word, but HDD will have to read less bytes. Much less.

The problem is, Assetto Corsa doesn’t use compression for textures. Not even a simple one. Not even in KN5. And DDS, especially with high quality, takes a lot of space, really, a lot. Nice texture 2048×2048 could easily take 20 megabytes, and well made car requires a lot of them!

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Hello fellow sim racers!

For any of my friends and passers by, here is a neat program to analyze your performance on the track in Project Cars. Many thanks to the author and many contributors!

Project CARS Telemetry

Session Manager

  • record, save and load any number of sessions
  • real time session timing and plotting as you record
  • automatic saving and unloading of recorded sessions
  • simple session editing allows removing laps and merging sessions

Session Info Display

  • display details for A, B and selected sessions
  • add notes to sessions, automatic annotations on session edits


  • connect to pCARS locally, or over the LAN or the Internet using the server
  • the server supports multiple clients, enabling e.g. a dashboard over LAN and a race engineer over Internet


  • each plotter can display any number of lanes
  • each lane can display any number of graphs
  • each graph has configurable plotting styles
  • drag to size, zoom, minimize etc.
  • AB comparison of any two sessions and any lap ranges
  • absolute measurement cursor
  • delta measurement cursors
  • split cursors for separate measurements per lane


  • generator to capture proper track maps with several display modes

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Mercedes SLS Safety Car (v1.0)

For those that play Assetto Corsa, these guys do great work!

Assetto Corsa Mods Korea


Mercedes SLS Safety Car – v1.0

3D model modification by 날개군

Converting by jphil

Skin by BXB

Physics – Mercedes SLS GT3


Skin Template:

Download password:

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Dealing With Trolls And Assorted Hate Online

Trolls or Internet bullies as I call them, are an endangered species on my list. Take a read, and see why I too have a zero tolerance policy for them. Thanks for sharing Erin!

Erin Matson

I have experienced a fair amount of trolling in my day. The trolling has occurred in my Twitter mentions, on Facebook, by email, in comment boxes, in paper mail, in voicemails, on blogs, and by call-ins to television and radio programs on which I have been a guest. It has been directed at me personally and organizations I’ve been affiliated with. Garbage like this can come with the territory when you’re a feminist, and especially when you’re a woman on the Internet.

At it’s most garden variety, the trolling is a never-ending stream of comments on my sluttiness, my stupidity, and my appearance. The trolls can’t decide if I’m super ugly, or hot and have good “jugs.” The focus is never my actual appearance so much as baldly sexist attempts to reduce my worth to my appearance. Ah, and how could I forget — I am an advocate for reproductive health, rights, and justice…

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