It’s lonely out in space

It might be lonely in space, but it couldn’t be as stupid as it is here could it?  Who would have to worry about climate change in a total vacuum?  Amanda Bynes would still be more relevant than Miley Cyrus.  Perhaps another race of people would care more about her schizophrenia than someone’s silly dance hi-jinx.

But then maybe it would just be galaxy after galaxy with no noise and no news.  Who would follow me there.  And who would really care.  It’s space my brothers and sisters.


Sex Tape? Russell Simmons?

So I hear Russell Simmons made a Harriet Tubman “sex tape”?  No wonder he’s got some much corporate money behind him.  Slam your history.  Then you will receive fortune.  I have learned so much over the last few months.  I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.  Sad I believe, because I have been doing things all wrong all these years.

Learning guitar, attacking real criminals, and loving and respecting my cultural history.  Stupid, stupid, stupid me!

Making bombs, killing kids and trashing my culture’s heritage of struggle and strength.  That’s all there is to it right?  I’ve been working at being comfortable for the last 35 years of my life and all I had to do was become a modern day Minstrel.

I guess it doesn’t matter now.  If I started doing the old soft shoe, no one would care.  “Oh he’s just imitating Russell Simmons,” everyone would say.  And I’d just be a broke Minstrel.

How much longer can I be expected to be mad with Rush Limbaugh under these conditions?

Hey Simmons?!  Why don’t you make your next one about how Jesus must have convinced the Apostles to follow him?  Use your stupid imagination.  I’m done for now.