The Environment

Let me lead by saying this isn’t a post about the environment as so to speak, but the environment as the talking heads at CNBC like to describe it.  I watch CNBC for about six hours every day and it seems without fail, for at least the last year or more the subject of regulatory and fiscal uncertainty comes up every day between 3PM and 5PM.  This would implicate Maria Bartiromo as the talking head I spoke of earlier.

I literally shudder as I hear her interview some well to do executive as to why they are not hiring people at their businesses, and then proceeds to give them an out by reminding them that the current uncertainty over regulatory and tax policy is a good reason not to spend any money on new hires.  This all seems to revolve around current President Barak Obama and fear of his allowing the Bush tax-cuts to expire (not going to happen), and the latest posted (and much needed), regulations designed to protect retirees from losing their 401k’s to banks and other companies willing to take big risks with other peoples money.

So… at Maria’s literal insistence, these “employer/job creators” tell us that they aren’t doing anything until they know what the regulatory and tax environment is going to turn into.  The implication being, “we’re waiting for Romney.”  Don’t hold your breath.  The rest of us don’t have the offshore accounts needed to withstand holding our breath.

The thing is… I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve always tended to look toward our nation’s business leaders to be just that.  Leaders.  I am discouraged because what I see know is a bunch of folks sitting around waiting for a government they feel is too big and involved, to do something about a problem business could be solving themselves.  I’ve always been under the impression that business hiring and expansion was a primary catalyst for a good or recovering economy.  Regardless of what the government does,  nothing’s going to get better unless all true leaders take action.