A self-eating country

With a shutdown looming, it is still obvious that destruction of the country is far more important than working together.  It’s obvious that destruction is preferred to affordable healthcare as well.

What I have found interesting from the day it happened, was how even the Supreme Court ruled that the law was legal, and yet, Republicans have blatantly disregarded the ruling of the very court they were counting on to strike it down.

With this in mind, I am considering the broad list of laws I don’t agree with and whether or not I should continue to follow them.  And there are a lot of them.  They are laws, but they don’t make sense to me, and many of them were passed by majorities in political parties that I am not a member of.

I guess then, I shouldn’t have to follow them right?  I defer to Eric Cantor and John Boehner on this one.  I defer to the people!

Do we, as Americans, follow all the laws of this country or just some of them?  And… are we allowed to hurt millions of people because we don’t agree with one of them?

We the people, should decide on that now.


No Unicorn

What the heck is up with Fox Sports and NASCAR?!  Yeah… I like NASCAR.  But I’m no Unicorn.  There are lots of black folks that like NASCAR.  It’s just not socially acceptable to admit that in some circles.  I don’t know why.  There’s more fun in watching cars turn left than one might think.  And the NASCAR family is one of the most receptive and caring groups of sports fans that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

However, there was a recent change to things when Fox apparently took over the Speed Channel or absorbed it, I’m not sure.  Since then, The Speed Channel has turned into Fox Sports One and there is nothing Speed related to be found.  All of the races have been moved to ESPN where they take a back seat to anything else that comes on.  Preempted by College Football, Soccer, or whatever happens to come on first.

It hasn’t been this bad since the 70’s and 80’s.  Every once in a while you could catch something on ABC, if there was nothing else on.  As much as I loved NASCAR, I resigned myself to not worrying about watching it because I could not count on finding it on TV anywhere.  If I stumbled across it, that would be a good day for me.  If I didn’t, I never noticed.

The same goes for Formula One.  Back in the day, that was even worse.  I had an easier time finding a Cricket match on an American television.  Indycar was a little more popular, and I could often find a race on Sunday to enjoy with that, but all other forms of Motorsports were out of the question.  Trans AM, now Grand Am for the most part, The LeMans Series was out of the question.  I had to listen to the last race of the season on MRN yesterday!  Old time radio on my computer anyone?!  You have got to be kidding me?

The Australian V8 Supercars Series was another one.  Think NASCAR, but all road courses.  It’s awesome stuff.  Now they even race here once a year down in Austin at the Circuit of the Americas, along with Formula One, and the Superbikes.  Racing has taken off in this country finally, and what does Fox do?  Relegate it to second chair.  Thanks Fox.  A constant reminder of why I can’t stand you.

Yes, you’ve given me Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Cops, and for those who loved it, Glee.  But placing NASCAR second during the Chase for the Sprint Cup is just wholly unacceptable.  The Speed Channel was the one place I could always find something that would  keep my interest for a while.  Short of the Weather Channel.  Now what?  I guess I have to buy controlling interest in your company?  I’m working on it.

Quran Burning

“Pastor Terry Jones Arrested Before Planned Quran Burning” reads the headline from NPR.  What is this man’s fascination with the Quran?  How does he think burning a book helps anyone?  Why is he so focused on trying to get those who do not like us to dislike us more?

Can anyone point me to the place in the Bible where it tells me to burn other people’s religious material?  Because I’ve been through the Bible and I don’t ever remember reading anything like that.  I think we’re past the Inquisition.  But I’m beginning to think that I might have fallen asleep and been transported back in time before I woke up.

Yesterday I read a post from a guy who referred to George Zimmerman as a National Hero who prevented thousands of violent crimes with one bullet and in another post saw the phrase “you people” used by someone speaking about a group of ambiguous people that he chose not to identify.

We drive RC cars on Mars.  Build computers that compete on game shows, and fly small planes from the safety of our offices.  I am communicating with you in near real time.  But somehow, not all of us have arrived at the same place at the same time.

Perhaps this is less an observation than it is a question.  I’m just not sure if I want the answer.  My tags don’t include the word Pastor for obvious reasons.

I really appreciate you all listening.  I’m finding more time to return the favor as we speak.

Women of the Week

I’d like to post a notable Congratulations to Maya Angelou and Diana Nyad.

We all have heard about Diana Nyad’s swim from Cuba to Florida at age 64.

This morning I learned that Maya Angelou has been chosen to receive the Book Foundation’s Literarian Award at the tender young age of 85 years.  This will be the first “official” literary prize she has won in her distinguished career, despite having won Grammys and other arts awards.

These two women have been a shining beacon in what has shaped up to be a very dark week.  And that makes them, my women of the week!

Now pass the mustard gas and turn on the Ghetto Tracker app!

Love you guys.

The Game of Syria

I had been debating whether to post on the lack of participation in the March on Washington by Republican leadership last week.  That whole thing has left me with a lot of questions.  But it seems the new game of Syria has distracted me from a cause I wish I didn’t have to take up.

The first round of the game is the reaction of the world to President Obama’s decision to withhold action and defer to Congress for backing.  From the people who have tried to taunt the United States by calling it a cowardly move, to the John McCains who are now claiming that Obama did not need to ask for permission to make a move.

Am I the only one who thinks McCain would have been the first person in line to have the President impeached for putting the US in a war without asking Congress?  Sometimes it’s not the racism that bothers me as much as the feeling that all of these guys and gals on The Hill think that all of the American people that voted them into office must be stupid.  Maybe we were stupid for voting for them, but we’re not too stupid to see the games they play, and with other peoples lives at that.

The lives of the Syrian people are at stake.  The lives of our women and men of the armed forces are also going to be at stake shortly, and we’re still catching our breath from the last 12 years of straight war.  But it’s all a polictical game to some people.  A President who has to delay action just to cover his ass and a Senator that has to find a fault with a man covering his ass.

That is in my definition, a game, and with Russia, China, and Iran not wanting us in there, this thing could be getting bigger before it gets smaller.  Like a giant penis with a bunch of little penises running around trying to control it.

I’m not sure what to make of this game because I don’t see that a winner is possible in this one.  I am on edge because I do think that there should be serious consequences to using chemical weapons on anyone, much less citizens of your own country.  I empathize with people that disagree, but if you’ve ever seen what that stuff does up close and not on video or better yet, had the stuff used on you; I suspect you would be feeling about as prickly as I’m feeling right now.  And if you don’t want to find out, then we have to do this.

For all my buddies out there in the Architectural field, check out this article on Yahoo! from our friends in the UK.