The Press

So why all of these questions about Brian Williams integrity and reliability?

Every media reporter on this planet should follow his lead. In fact, the biggest liars out there should be going home behind him today. Brian lied, and then told the truth. Good for him!

Now how many of the rest of these story tellers are going to follow suit? Or are they all going to jump on their high horses and point their fingers at him for the rest of their untruthful careers?

The news media needs a complete overhaul just as much as the government does. I trust none of them. They are all simply trying to secure and keep their jobs at the expense of the wondering public.

From NBC to Fox to Russia Today, lies are being spread like butter on a roll, and people are believing it all, like the gospel. (God forbid I would mention God in all this). But I thought that telling the truth is a Godly notion? For those people that claim religion, telling the truth is the first thing you must do, regardless of what your Producer tells you. Even if you are the Producer.

The Jews are not responsible for all the worlds wars. Nor is America, or anywhere else in the West. The media is. They are also currently responsible for the troubles in my personal relationships as well. (Not that I don’t own it. I do. But they are not helping me currently with a woman I love dearly from another country).

And they all lie for the purpose of ratings and to have something else to fill the void in the 24 hour news cycle. These people get paid, and are often paid so well, that they are part of the 1%, or the ruling class as some would call it. Why would they not bend the truth a little just to keep you watching, and us fighting? If I want to make my point, I have to tune in tonight so that I can gather more ammunition in my fight to prove myself right. They count on that, from all of us. From America to the Ukraine and all the way around the globe.

And they are full of shit! Brian Williams was just the first person to say it without being pressed against the wall to do it. I wonder how many of these other folks will have an attack of conscious and admit to it themselves? Dumbass Don Lemon, I’m looking at you. Fox News? Looking squarely in your direction. MSNBC? Somebody speak up. Other than Melissa Harris-Perry.

But if you are telling people every day what is going on, why it’s going on, and who may or may not be the person generating this news, you have an obligation. An obligation to tell the truth. To be honest, whether it’s something you agree with or not. If you loose your job, at least you can do it with dignity. I would rather be homeless and correct; than warm and dry and a liar. And I can tell you, I have been put to that test. I was not homeless, but I wasn’t warm, dry, and comfortable at home either.

What can we do about it? I recently told someone that they had told me enough of what was wrong and who’s fault it was, and now what are we going to do about it?! I eagerly await their answer because I know that whatever it is, it’s going to create a lot of discomfort and sacrifice on the people’s part, and the follow up to that question will be, will everyone want to do it.

If we have to live without news or heat, or Internet, or fast food (Papa John?), or nice clothes, or cheap Chinese made goods…etc. Will we as people, be willing to suffer those things to force the world to tell us the truth. Will we be willing to shed blood, or even die to force governments to treat us with respect, or stop the police from killing our kids?

What will we do to stop ISIS from taking over the Middle East? Is that too huge to assume it won’t happen? If Obama can’t talk to Iran, who will? Will you? Why aren’t we waiting for the Ukraine to ask us for help before we give rebels more reasons to shoot at their citizens?

Why won’t anyone stand up to Congress and force them to work with the President to solve problems, rather than ruining the American people trying to prove that they will not take orders from “that” Commander in Chief? Why won’t we either recognize our entire government or not at all. Not just the parts that look like us.

What very uncomfortable steps will we as human beings take, to give tomorrow’s adults a world that they can live in? It might be easier to do if we knew the entire truth.

Journalists, the ball’s in your court.



Sex Tape? Russell Simmons?

So I hear Russell Simmons made a Harriet Tubman “sex tape”?  No wonder he’s got some much corporate money behind him.  Slam your history.  Then you will receive fortune.  I have learned so much over the last few months.  I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.  Sad I believe, because I have been doing things all wrong all these years.

Learning guitar, attacking real criminals, and loving and respecting my cultural history.  Stupid, stupid, stupid me!

Making bombs, killing kids and trashing my culture’s heritage of struggle and strength.  That’s all there is to it right?  I’ve been working at being comfortable for the last 35 years of my life and all I had to do was become a modern day Minstrel.

I guess it doesn’t matter now.  If I started doing the old soft shoe, no one would care.  “Oh he’s just imitating Russell Simmons,” everyone would say.  And I’d just be a broke Minstrel.

How much longer can I be expected to be mad with Rush Limbaugh under these conditions?

Hey Simmons?!  Why don’t you make your next one about how Jesus must have convinced the Apostles to follow him?  Use your stupid imagination.  I’m done for now.


The Environment

Let me lead by saying this isn’t a post about the environment as so to speak, but the environment as the talking heads at CNBC like to describe it.  I watch CNBC for about six hours every day and it seems without fail, for at least the last year or more the subject of regulatory and fiscal uncertainty comes up every day between 3PM and 5PM.  This would implicate Maria Bartiromo as the talking head I spoke of earlier.

I literally shudder as I hear her interview some well to do executive as to why they are not hiring people at their businesses, and then proceeds to give them an out by reminding them that the current uncertainty over regulatory and tax policy is a good reason not to spend any money on new hires.  This all seems to revolve around current President Barak Obama and fear of his allowing the Bush tax-cuts to expire (not going to happen), and the latest posted (and much needed), regulations designed to protect retirees from losing their 401k’s to banks and other companies willing to take big risks with other peoples money.

So… at Maria’s literal insistence, these “employer/job creators” tell us that they aren’t doing anything until they know what the regulatory and tax environment is going to turn into.  The implication being, “we’re waiting for Romney.”  Don’t hold your breath.  The rest of us don’t have the offshore accounts needed to withstand holding our breath.

The thing is… I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve always tended to look toward our nation’s business leaders to be just that.  Leaders.  I am discouraged because what I see know is a bunch of folks sitting around waiting for a government they feel is too big and involved, to do something about a problem business could be solving themselves.  I’ve always been under the impression that business hiring and expansion was a primary catalyst for a good or recovering economy.  Regardless of what the government does,  nothing’s going to get better unless all true leaders take action.