I think that Kendall has written here, what I have believed for some time now. Well written and thought provoking. Just remember to be honest with yourselves.

The Neighborhood


You really can’t stereotype people
or put them in boxes, it’s unfair.
– Kesha


from Miami
Childs with Are Yall Kidding Me


“It’s not a stereotype if its’s always true.”
– Daniel Tosh

written & edited by Kendall F. Person

illegal immigrantsThe above quote by comedian Daniel Tosh It’s not a stereotype if it’s always true, is jarring upon the first read, if viewed through restrained goggles of defensiveness or political correctness. If read when we are in our comfort zones and have a willingness to poke fun at ourselves, than we understand the joke. But it also offers an extraordinary insight, into what turns everyday or historical truth, into one of the most explosive words in the American vocabulary.

angry black womanPonder if you will for a moment of the stereotypes you find hurtful: as a woman or a young Black man or a member…

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