Who’s Really in Charge

I present this article.  I read this opinion piece this morning while checking on my investments in the Market.  I submit that the watchers of money and the markets have some of the best news and opinion right now.  Some not so much.  But we all have such a high stake in this.

Trump doesn’t understand that bluster can’t defeat the coronavirus.

With that said:

A very well written opinion.  And one that has been shared by me since the virus was first reported in China.  It didn’t and doesn’t take a Ph.D. to figure out that it would be a very sort matter of time before it would be hitting our shores.  Viruses have been a threat to human existence since well… we have been human.  And it has been shown time and time again in recorded history, that we can only save ourselves if we act accordingly.  Except for the time that Alley Cats saved us.  Some have mentioned, through creativity, that we are a virus ourselves.  And I might venture to agree with them.

I apologize for my long hiatus.  Partly involuntary.  Life changes have rescheduled things for me, and I regret that sharing thoughts and conversation with people was one of the things that got prioritized nearly off the list.  I am glad to see that a great number of my friends and associates have grown and are doing fairly well.  And, I am happy that the rest of us are still out here trying to share and provide help and comfort for each other.  I would say now more than ever.  But I think we should always be doing this.  The virus certainly has had something to say about that.

There are no politics here.  There is no money.  It is a matter of human survival.  There will be no economy if the global population doesn’t not survive in enough numbers to restart it.  That is something I guess we have become too prideful to believe can happen.  Yet we are watching it happen in little bits every single day.  At what point does the global (the includes the Island of the United States), population become too small to sustain itself and its huge economies and governments?  I know there are scholars out there figuring this in, but we haven’t heard from them lately.  I don’t know if I would talk now either.  Not with the Donald is our “King in Chief.”

I’ve lost so much money here. My iron stomach churns, and I begin to doubt myself and some of the stocks that I continue to hold, despite them being so worthless right now that I really don’t own them. Any lower and I may owe money on them. (Trying for a moment of levity here).  But right now, I am drawing on my previous existence as early man and letting the instinct to survive, take the wheel.  That is a primal instinct that has taken us through some of the worst moments in human history, and it’s my opinion that it will get us through this.

The virus IS in charge.  And there is nothing that Donald Trump can do about it.  Only WE the people can gather the information we need and choose to survive on our own.  Only WE can defeat COVID-19.  To my friends who keep looking toward the Administration and the Media for what to believe, forget that!  Do what you know you need to do to insure the survival of yourself, your loved ones and, the human race in general.  Stop looking to others for what you know is the right thing to do.

To my friends who are already doing it: I say Thank You.  You are my heroes.  Risking everything you have bought, built and ever will by staying in place and working to provide survival for your fellow humans.  That is the biggest asset that we as a planet possess.  The virus doesn’t care who we are or what we do.  So, I surmise that the only way to beat it is for us to care.  We can beat it with CARE.

Much love peoples.  If we all survive, I hope to speak with you all again.

Ya boy Toby

DHS hopeful Clarke denies plagiarism in master’s thesis – ABC News

Source: DHS hopeful Clarke denies plagiarism in master’s thesis – ABC News

Let me just start by saying that plagiarism is not the biggest problem in this picture.  The problem here is a corrupt law enforcement official who is now trying to infiltrate our United States government.

Again with the smoke and mirrors!

Once again, we are presented with the “look over here while we do this over there” style of leadership and journalism.  We are encouraged to focus on this man’s theft of others work, which is bad enough.  But we are being quietly asked to look away from his huge human rights violations and, his intent to spread this all over the country.

And I will remind some of my friends on the far side of my opposition that this is not good for you either.  Just like any military or para-military operation, there are some things that are considered “acceptable losses.”  And you my fellow Americans are those acceptable losses.  So just as with all problems, we can’t call them “black people problems.”  We can’t call them criminals problems either.  Because under this guy, with the suspension of Habeas Corpus that would be possible under his leadership, anyone could find themselves behind bars awaiting a “fair trial.”

To keep it short, but please look it up if you don’t believe me, Habeas is required to determine whether or not a persons imprisonment is lawful.  Can they hold you or not, based on the evidence that police or other investigators have provided.  That means that they need more than my word that you killed someone to arrest you and hold you in jail for any such reason.

This is a very fundamental part of our human rights.  It prevents you from spending days to years in jail just because your next door neighbor doesn’t like you.  Seems unreasonable doesn’t it?  Well we don’t have these types of problems because we have Habeas.  Most of us don’t anyway.  Cross the wrong person, and you will be glad for it!

I am not a lawyer, but I know enough about the law to be dangerous.  I think the last few paragraphs are proof enough of that.  And it doesn’t matter if you are black or white, male or female, straight or gay.  I could disappear you for months under a DHS leader like Sheriff Clarke quite easily, for nearly anything.  Go ahead and put on your “Make America Great Again” hat and see what happens.

That’s the problem with attempting to take human rights away from any certain group of people.  You expose yourself to those same violations just by setting the precedence with others.  Walls that keep people out also keep people in.  Something people who put bars on their windows in the inner cities find out when they have a fire.  Seemed like a good idea at the time huh?  I will take my chances with the criminals.  You can’t negotiate with fire.

And this guy is a fire waiting for some oxygen.  Don’t look the other way people.

Is This Trump’s America?

It’s been a long time since I posted.  I hope that you all have not forgotten about me.  I’ve been sitting back watching.  From Obama’s last 4 years to Trumps first 4 months, it’s been quite a ride.  But now it’s starting to get bumpy.  I figured I had better start tossing out some food for thought again.  This seems as good a time as any when you consider that it seems we are on borrowed time.

With all of that said, I would kindly suggest that Donald Trump step down as President of the United States of America.  I would kindly submit the same as a request.

I would first say that Americans who are concerned about their own privacy have nothing to be concerned about regarding the Legal Surveillance of Donald Trump and his team.  If this is being conducted; there is a reason for it.  Someone, somewhere has been doing wrong against this country that everyone claims to love, and the authorities are attempting to follow up on it.

Before I go on, let me throw a little logic into the mix.  Barack Obama as outgoing President, has no concerns about Donald Trump.  As evidenced by the many photos we have seen of Obama finally getting a chance to TRY and relax in Hawaii after so many years of resistance.  Quite honestly, I think he was far too concerned with getting the hell out of Washington to care what Trump was doing.  Think about it for a while before you read on.  I will wait.

Now… if the Intelligence collection was lawful, and Sean Spicer just admitted that it was in his last news conference, then there is a reason for it.  This is not some “Fake News” conspiracy theory.  This is a legal investigation.  And I have seen my share of Presidents go through this.  Only one did not survive.  That was Richard Nixon.  He did not survive the investigation because he was wrong.  And he acted like a man, and resigned.

To see Donald Trump Tweeting, (does he actually do anything Presidential, or is this just more reality TV?  With our lives?), all of this “Fake News, conspiracy, Obama is sick” crap is actually making me sick.  And I mean physically sick!  Nausea, headaches, insomnia.  For the first time in my life, I really don’t feel comfortable with the future.  And this is coming from a guy who has had to face the uncertainty of the criminal justice system and prison!  If you want to know fear, it starts right there.  Until now.

This Trump guy is running another reality show and he is improvising with our safety, our money, our health care, or legacy (the environment), or simply, our lives.  He has no idea what he is doing and is surrounded by people with just as little experience and with their own full agenda.  White Nationalism being one of them.  That one is pretty important to me as a black male watching a lot of younger black males try to grow up behind me.  But that’s not the only one that concerns me.

Where do I start?  A Muslim travel ban?  Really?  But let’s take Iraq out of it because we do get some oil imports from them right?  No, that’s not the reason at all.  So forget that.  Let’s talk about Muslims.  Their religion is Islam.  So you are banning them on the basis of religion, correct? (Rhetorical).  Has anyone explained to this man that Holy Wars never end?  Has Donald Trump called it that?  No.  But in so many words.  All of this talk about people “pouring” in and being dangerous.  You mean like when black people move into your neighborhood Donald?  No one is “pouring” into America like so much foul water.  And for those of you that are robots to the politics of fear, please educate yourselves.  If you need help, please contact me and I will direct you to the resources you need to learn more.

Now of this “Fake News” thing, we have a real problem.  The first problem is that there is a lot of fake news out there.  On that, Donald Trump and I agree.  The second problem is that Donald Trump can’t tell me what’s fake and what’s not.  He has neither the right, nor the power to define my reality.  We can all be assured that he will try in as Fascist a way as possible.  But he cannot and will not be allowed to do that in my house!  I would suggest to everyone else to do the same.  Just as you don’t take Obama’s word for it, or Fox’ word for it or even mine; DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Find your own facts.

The government, Universities, and even outlets outside the country keep very accurate records of things you can use to determine on your own, what is true and what is false.  Then you can decide what is fake and what isn’t.  Then you can decide what’s truly important to you and make that clear to your local representatives.  These are the people that can keep Donald Trump in check.  Or choose to put someone who knows what they are doing in his place.  And that may very well be the best thing for the country.

Beyond all the tough guy talk and the dominating discussions, there is a world out there that we have to be a part of.  It demands diplomacy, patience, intelligence and, a deep love of people.  I have yet to see any of those things from this President.  No new jobs, except Border Patrol and ICE.  The coming roll back for LGBT rights.  I don’t think I am being paranoid if I say that womens’ and civil rights will probably be next.  Deregulation of the banks.  Great.  Will we survive that again?  Not likely.  Ending the moratorium on mountain stripping for coal?  Oh, there’s a few million jobs for all the unemployed in this country.  Better get up there and see those mountains before West Virginia becomes a plains state.

And apparently no desire to attempt to become anyone but a laughing stock for the world and secret lover to Vladimir Putin.

That’s what we’ve go so far.  There’s more and more to come.  But we will talk about all of that later.

Until next time,