A self-eating country

With a shutdown looming, it is still obvious that destruction of the country is far more important than working together.  It’s obvious that destruction is preferred to affordable healthcare as well.

What I have found interesting from the day it happened, was how even the Supreme Court ruled that the law was legal, and yet, Republicans have blatantly disregarded the ruling of the very court they were counting on to strike it down.

With this in mind, I am considering the broad list of laws I don’t agree with and whether or not I should continue to follow them.  And there are a lot of them.  They are laws, but they don’t make sense to me, and many of them were passed by majorities in political parties that I am not a member of.

I guess then, I shouldn’t have to follow them right?  I defer to Eric Cantor and John Boehner on this one.  I defer to the people!

Do we, as Americans, follow all the laws of this country or just some of them?  And… are we allowed to hurt millions of people because we don’t agree with one of them?

We the people, should decide on that now.


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