Quran Burning

“Pastor Terry Jones Arrested Before Planned Quran Burning” reads the headline from NPR.  What is this man’s fascination with the Quran?  How does he think burning a book helps anyone?  Why is he so focused on trying to get those who do not like us to dislike us more?

Can anyone point me to the place in the Bible where it tells me to burn other people’s religious material?  Because I’ve been through the Bible and I don’t ever remember reading anything like that.  I think we’re past the Inquisition.  But I’m beginning to think that I might have fallen asleep and been transported back in time before I woke up.

Yesterday I read a post from a guy who referred to George Zimmerman as a National Hero who prevented thousands of violent crimes with one bullet and in another post saw the phrase “you people” used by someone speaking about a group of ambiguous people that he chose not to identify.

We drive RC cars on Mars.  Build computers that compete on game shows, and fly small planes from the safety of our offices.  I am communicating with you in near real time.  But somehow, not all of us have arrived at the same place at the same time.

Perhaps this is less an observation than it is a question.  I’m just not sure if I want the answer.  My tags don’t include the word Pastor for obvious reasons.

I really appreciate you all listening.  I’m finding more time to return the favor as we speak.


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